Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Funday

I won't lie - I woke up with a hangover today. Once again, I had a fantastic Saturday night with Elvin, Brian and the guys! Karaoke, car bombs, and to top it all off, some Le Souk action. For those of you that do not know this place, it is a restaurant that turns into a lounge at night. With a middle eastern theme, along with an intricate design, this place is SO fun on a weekend evening. The scent of the apple hookahs swirling through the air, the laughter and conversation among friends old and new, bartenders that concoct wicked spirits and the guest dj's spinning on the different floors entice all the human senses.

Such wonderful things these are that I have described - but is there a downside? Yes, but it is not privy only to Le Souk. Prices in NYC can be astronomical; I understand that they have the capabilities of high prices because: A- people will spend the money for a posh night on the town - B- people with overspend their capable amount to make themselves feel better (retail therapy) - C- it's NYC plain and simple.

So where am I going with this message? Basically, I'm just saying that I love nights out like this, and realize that they have to be on occasion or for something special. I am lucky that I have and have had the chance to see this side of NYC - it's exciting and enthralling. I definitely look forward to enjoying many more nights like this with my friends boogieing to the beat and having an all-out awesome night.


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