Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I Should Be a New/Social Media Product Marketing Director

This awesome job opportunity just came right in front of my eyes! It's with this really cool company named Ringleader Digital- they made the first RLD server (Spark Leader) back in 2007. It's a 3rd party mobile ad server that tons of companies are using!

Why am I telling you this? Because to be the New/Social Media Product Marketing Director would fit the bill SO well! The person needs to be pretty computer savvy (like me) and be on the bandwagon for facebook (Bryan Campione), twitter (bcampione), youtube (bryancampione) and blogs (Camp Campi), etc.

The person also must be able to identify trends in media outlets (people, look at places like digg, hulu and stumbleupon. they've been around for awhile, I've been using them, and now they're getting huge!).

They need to be savvy with events and promotions like I had been doing with Cisco Systems, very sociable and outgoing (that's a no brainer here!), but most importantly, be business and marketing savvy. I'm using the word savvy a lot only because that's what I am. I'm savvy when it comes to all this stuff. It's always a blast playing on social and social media networks seeing the trends in progress and how to jump on a new one before it's even popular. I love it!

So, if anybody from Ringleader is reading this, get in contact with me. Let's set up a meeting, or go out for coffee, or have a Skype video chat. I'm all for applying to be your new director, and would really love the chance to show you why I'm the right guy for the job!

PS- here's my LinkedIn Account!