Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Days!

Fort Lauderdale, here I come! Updates will hopefully be video blogs! Christerssons, Hunters, Campiones and a surprise guest (dunno who yet) are congregating - Cannot WAIT!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Go "Frick" Yourself

Picture from www.frick.org

What a week this has been so far! Mom, Dad and Scott came into town for a fun weekend on Friday! After a day or walking around, Saturday we went with some relatives to Billy Elliot - loved it just as much again! Sunday we had a family party and Dad and Scott left Monday after some plane delays at JFK (go figure).

Monday Mom, Soo and I rocked out shopping at Columbus Circle and Whole Foods - I'm stocked for a week or two - yay!

Today, we went not only shopping in Soho before Mom left for home, but also to the Frick Collection- a museum on the Upper East Side. It is a WONDERFUL place to go check out some cool art pieces. It was owned by Henry Clay Frick - a man known for working with the coke and steel business in the early 1900's. His residence, now this museum, is unbelievable - indoor and outdoor gardens and fountains, and extraordinary rooms filled with really cool paintings, sculptures and whatnot. A definite highlight is going into the library and seeing the collection of leather bound books he owned - I'm not an art or history nerd, and it was still awe-inspiring. Another cool note is that it is right on Central Park- so cool views of the trees, park and vegetation are there too.

Definitely go when it is warm outside. There are tons of flowering trees and plants that will look even better as spring comes nearer. Also, listen to the free audio guide - it tells neat facts about the collection and the mansion itself. Don't watch the movie- it's a snoozer and worse than the film reels we used to watch in elementary school.

Last note- BURGERS at SOHO PARK!!! Eat there, drink there, love it there - nothing is better than awesome food in a really cool part of town!