Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Thing About Me

Rules: Once you've read this, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. Then, post it wherever you'd like!!!!

1. I cannot stand bananas. They are the epitome of all things bad and make me sick- blahhhh. But I do like plantains.

2. I have a teddy bear named stitches- my first ever. He has always been in my bedroom no matter where I've been (minus vacations) and still is to this day in NYC.

3. I am petrified of jellyfish. When I was 12 yo, I was swimming in Sweden's Nordic Sea. My crocodile raft I was on began to float out of the bay towards the sea. I couldn't get off because I was surrounded by over 1,000 jellyfish who were attracted to the raft. A man in scuba gear had to rescue me. Intense....

4. I worked at Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom as a Safari Driver at Kilimanjaro Safaris. Besides working there, I've been there over 20 times on vacation with family, and have also been to Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

5. I was at a bar last Saturday and Kirsten Dunst was sitting next to me - she's so small!

6. I've been to over 60 Broadway theater shows in only a 3-year time span. $$$$

7. My dream is to settle down and have 3-4 kids. Family is super important to me.

8. My brother and I broke our family room couch by jumping over the balcony onto it. We were "smart" back then....

9. Roller coaster junkie at your service! Been on over 100. I wanted to build them when I was young, but then I took Geometry. I changed course of action immediately...

10. I love cartoons and watch them everyday. Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, FO Parents, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Family Guy and more! My childhood favs were the wuzzles, muppet babies, gummi bears, and the whole disney block( rescue rangers, ducktails, talespin, etc)

11. When my first tooth was loose, I was afraid to pull it out. My brother, instead, punched it out. Payback is still inevitable, Scott......

12. I have been to 13 foreign countries (and counting):Mexico, Bahamas, Aruba, Canada, France, Britain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Monaco, and Belgium.

13. My best friend Ben and his wife Carrie got me an inflatable doll as my high school graduation gift. She was my date to their wedding when I was his best man.

14. I LOVE Guinnes- I can drink a million pints of it and be happy.

15. At 23, I auditioned for the Hairspray National Tour and was told I was too tall- go figure...

16. Flight of The Navigator, The Goonies, ET, and the Indy Jones Series changed my life when I was young - seriously, amazing.

17. I used to be able to burp my name- not anymore- wish I could still....

18. I'm an avid skiier for the past 22 years. Nothing like gliding down the slopes.

19. I want a dog soooo bad. I've wanted one for years.

20. Pre last week, i hadn't cried since I was 14. I saw Billy Elliot and sobbed dring a few scenes (reminded me so much of my childhood)

21. Black, White- Gay, Straight- Male, Female = Equality for All.

22. I hate to live with "Coulda-shoula-woulda's" - I take lots of challenges and adventures, and whatever I don't get to do, I don't like to pine over it. Try it in another way, or do something different. Life is shorter than you think.....

23. Cooking is an art form. I love being in the kitchen preparing savory or sweet dishes. One day, I'd like to open my own restaurant or night lounge with food service (and wicked dj's).

24. I'm addicted to "Jon and Kate Plus Eight", "Brothers and Sisters", "24", "Intervention", and beginning to like "Gossip GIrl" thanks in part to Harold. :-)

25. Live life like it is meant to be lived. Dance and sing to your own tune. He happy that you have the chance to live to an old and wonderful age. I'm not hiding anymore. I'm finally being me.

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