Saturday, January 17, 2009

Planes, Trains and Crazinesss...

Picture from the Associated Press

How would you like to be flying as we speak? If you were, I bet many of you would be restless and worrisome after yesterdays events on the Hudson River. Trust me when I say I am a horrible flyer - I white-knuckle the arm wrest and pray I'll survive. When I was young, I'd bring along a cross in my carry-on bag because I was so afraid of a crash resulting in death.

But are we to blame for these feelings? It is only human nature, the fear of death, that is. It doesn't matter the fear as result of flying, driving, biking, etc. Death can be scary. Take a look at this article:

There have been several crashes where no one has "hit the dust" since the horrific Kentucky accident of 2006. Everyone, though has survived. Hmmm, why?

The answer, people, is difficult to answer- airline officials have their opinions, religious aficionados theirs, etc. I consider it a historical factor- the years we progress, the better our track record is. So, decree it on avionics, religions, sciences, etc. - all I know is, I'm happy somebody knows how to verify and ACTUALLY perform an emergency landing nowadays.......

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