Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The 80's Rock My Socks

I was on the other day watching some random video, when under the related videos popped up SpaceCamp. This movie was my LIFE when I was young - I never owned it, but consider(ed) it one of the best "indie" favorites of its' time.

This has led me to thinking about different movies from the 80's that almost have a cult following. I'm not talking a following like "Sixteen Candles" or the Big boys (E.T., Indy Jones). I have compiled a list of 15 MUST See Movies (no order) from the 1980's. Some are kids movies, and some are probably ones you have forgotten, but when you see the name of my quick summary, you'll have a flashback and get all excited like I was creating this. So, here we go!

Just like the title says, a group of kids are at space camp. They are accidentally sent to space and have to return the ship home.
Joaquin Phoenix, Tate Donovan, Kelly Preston and Lea Thompson are just some of the cast to this awesome flick!

2. Russkies-1987
A group of boys find a Russian spy washed to shore and befriend him while trying to save his life.
Phoenix is in this too, along with the blonde kid from Christmas Story

3. Little Monsters-1989
Fred Savage and Howie Mandel star in this kid-classic film about the monster world and stopping evil from destroying good!

4. Flight of the Navigator-1986
Believe it or not, Sarah Jesssica Parker makes a cameo in this early 80's flick about a boy who befriends a spaceship named Max and travels into the future and back. I was infatuated with this movie and the Beach Boy's soundtrack!

5. The Boy Who Could Fly-1986
This is a tear-jerker people about Milly and her neighbor Eric- a recluse whose parents were killed in an airplane crash. He dreams of flying and eventually does. Jason Priestly has a mini role in this Hallmark classic!

6. Not Quite Human-1987
This was a mad for t.v. movie that tons of people remember! It stars Alan Thicke and Jay Underwood (Boy Who Could Fly fame) as a scientist and his robot son. Trouble ensues, but goodness comes out at the end!

7. The Worst Witch-1986
Mildred Hubble is the 'worst' student at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. Accidents and mishaps ensue to an ending of happiness. It was a Halloween obsession! This was an HBO film starring Tim Curry and Fairuza Balk.

8. Dark Crystal-1982
This movie rocks! They're actually working on a sequel right now! Jim Henson and his team created this film way different than any Muppet film. It's dark, gritty, and sometimes an almost scary tale about Jen and Kira, gelflings regaining freedom from a troublesome reigning group, the Skeksies. Awesome 80's-ness!

9. Peanut Butter Solution1985
A Canadian movie about a boy who loses al his hair from a "fright". He stirs up a magical peanut butter formula that brings his hair back and a lot of trouble! This was a classic when I was young!

10. Empire of the Sun-1987
A Stephen Spielberg movie that focuses around the Pearl Harbor incident, but in Shanghai. A young Christian Bale is separated from his family and put into a camp. It's a sad and gritty film, but there is always happiness. :-) John Malkovich also makes an early appearance in this too!

11. The Chipmunk Adventure-1987
My favorite cartoon movie at one point in my life. Alvin, Simon and Theodore, along with the 3 girl chipmunks board hot air balloons on a race around the world! Great songs are throughout - such a heart warming film!!

12. Summer Rental-1985
My favorite 80's John Candy film! He takes his family to the beach for the summer, and all things good and bad happen to him and the family! A YOUNG Joey Lawrence, Rip Torn and John Larroquette also star in this hilarious film!

13. Cheetah-1989
This a total low budget Disney film that my brother and I loved growing up. A family rescues a cheetah cub, and raises it. Problems occur with the "bad people" and the race to save its' life is an adventure!!!

14. The Wizard-1989
Another Fred Savage movie! This movie is a total Camp-fest people, but boy do I love it! Tons of famous people are in this film where a young disturbed boy is a "wizard" at video games. Love it! Ps - did you know this is where Super Mario Bros. 3 premiered - neat, huh?

15. Real Genius-1985
This is the normal 80's go to college and try to have fun, while dealing with evil prof's, dean's, and frat's. Only, this school, "Pacific Tech", is for the real geniuses. Val Kilmer stars, along with a group of familiar looking 80's actors.

Hope you had fun looking at this blog my friends! It was definitely fun making up this list! I know there are TONS more movies out there that I should add..... or how about you comment on these or add new ones below?.......


  1. Flight of the Navigator is totally my favorite movie. No-one ever knows what it is when I talk about it!

  2. dark crystal...oh man. what a scary movie.

    miss you bry!