Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"To Be, Or Not To Be......A Promoter"

Several weeks ago, I decided to venture into club promoting for a "try-and-see" experience. I knew the initial details: 1. Get people to come. 2. Make sure more guys than girls show up. 3. Get more and more people for the following week.
Easy. I thought.
My first promoting venture happened this past Saturday at Hiro Ballroom. The group I was working for had a table there, with some free drinks and a "meeting" spot. I thought it was going to be great- Jen and Rosey from Chicago were coming, and a huge group of friends from NYC.

We get there and it is a "high-level" club- only people that know people, or are in promoting usually get in without spending an exorbitant amount alone on entry. Luckily, Jen, Rosey, Viv, Elvin and I got in at 11:15. The rest of the group? Not allowed access (strike 1).
The group table was flocked with needy girls, all waiting for a free drink and trying to be the promoters best friends. My group didnt even get close enough to say hello. (Strike 2)
The prices for drinks were a bit astronomical. (Strike 3) We ended up buying a bottle, and were splitting it between the 5 of us.
The other promoters, as well were not the type of people I enjoy spending time with (Strike 4). They were into it like it was the game of all games, and they were hot shit. I went in with the notion of have fun, meet people, and relax. Being a Promoter is NOT relaxing.
All these strikes would make someone flighty and run away with their hands in the air, and their mind behind them. But, the positives were I got a check from practically showing up and saying I was there. I also got to see Jen and the group and we had a great time together. The best part though was the cirque du soleil-style aerial act in the middle of the dance floor and everybody going nuts.
So, to be or not to be a promoter? I honestly do not know if it is "my thing". I may try it out again for the fringe benefits. But aside from that, I'd rather just go out and enjoy myself, rather than being a face in an empire of liquor bottles, skanky girls, and drunk moneybags....

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