Friday, February 20, 2009

Choo Choo, Next Stop My Thighs...

If you have not seen this website, CHECK IT OUT. While the food looks gross, it also, for some reason has a percentage of "appetizing-ness."

Why do I write about it in this blog? it reminds me of several things. Yes, America is fat. Yes America has problems with weight control and consumption. No, I do not think it will end soon, especially with a recession and Mc Donald's being a cheaper alternative to dining.
My friend Josh just got back from Europe and we were talking about the fact that you go there, eat a meal, and you are "pleasantly full" but not overstuffed as in an American meal. Why is it we eat 1 pound hamburgers when we are supposed to have 4-6 oz of meat per meal or day? Why the extra-large french fries when they are nothing but starch, fat and salt? Do we need the 4th-scoop and a 3rd-topping mega sundaes from Ben an Jerry's? NO.

Portion control and consumption are becoming ever-alarming in today's society; more so than in the past. We are seeing more and more younger children struggling with problems seen in the past with adults (high bp, obesity, diabetes setoff from dietary consumption, etc.). The question arises what to do?

I am no genius; I think hard and truly express whatever it is that I say. When it comes to this type of question, I will make people mad with my answer, but I am all for a healthier America, and a satisfied world. I think that:

1. All schools should promote ONLY healthy eating. No burgers, unless wheat buns or veggie/turkey ( baked), frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, etc. Though it may cost the schools a bit more, it is preserving the future of these children brought into a world of grease and health issues.

2. All foods not recommended in the pyramid or by nutritionists should have a higher taxation, while somehow (dunno how, but feel this way) decreasing the value of fresh produce, meats and grains.

3. Mandatory breaks in jobs for walking/excercising/even napping (for mental health). It hurts the percentage of actual hours worked minimally. Most people slack off for a certain amount of hours/day, and if they had the option of walking, etc. I bet they would take it.

I have a lot of other ideas, and forgive me if I am rambling (it's 5am and I'm having trouble sleeping), but I feel these are good ventures for not only America (mainly), but for first and secondary countries to try and implement for a healthier population.

So eat the meatloaf with mac n cheese in the middle, or the cheeseburger in a doughnut. Just remember that it shouldn't be a thing of normalcy in the diet. And if you do eat one of the things on the list, at least walk so the food coma isn't like Glenn Quagmire giving you a "ruffied-colada"......

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